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The Bible, no longer obscured by medieval thinking, is becoming understood down to its roots. Churches, no longer paralyzed by authoritarian control or end-time fear, are releasing ambassadors with a vision to liberate and the power to actually do so. Covenant Cards exists to supply tools that help you fulfill your calling as a representative of Jesus and his New Covenant message: Study cards that teach volumes. Streetwear with a message. Posters that inspire.

Behind the Cards

Colin MacIntyre


Teaching the Bible presents a challenge: how to effectively communicate its great themes—especially when both student and teacher are still learning the native history, language and culture of the Scriptures?

One day, I had an idea for a fun, collectible deck of visual study cards designed to introduce students to these deep, historical roots. Before long, a Kickstarter happened. Then First Edition, Second Edition, and now an Expansion Deck. The rest is history, with new editions and expansions continuously being produced.

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